In celebration of Small Business Week (May 5-11), Flauk is highlighting the stories of some amazing women-owned businesses. Please join us in the movement to #shoplocal and #supportwomen!

We are so excited to introduce you to Jennifer Millier, the brave and bold litigator who took the leap from the 9-5 life to start her own law firm: her way. Joining the ranks of only about 300 women-owned law firms in the United States, Jennifer is an inspiration to all of us in knowing that the status quo does not need to persist–especially in a traditionally male-dominated profession that values endless billable hours, life-threatening stress and fatigue, and pervasive aggression. We’re proud to call her a client, and a dear friend.

We asked Jennifer about what it’s like to run a local business, who inspires her, and the unique trials and advantages she’s experienced as a woman-owned business. Get ready to fall in love:

What do you love about running a business in your local community?

I love being able to help people with referrals, connecting them to other local businesses and entrepreneurs who I think could help them. Need someone to scan your mail? I have a service for that. Want to try a great new workout? Here’s my friend’s studio. I love connecting people.

Are there any unique challenges that you’ve faced as a woman in launching or running your company?

I’ve faced challenges because I am a woman my whole career. Being in a male-dominated profession, and especially in an area of practice (litigation) where aggression is often rewarded, it can be tough to define yourself in a way that is true to your “non-work” self (i.e. a kind, mindful, and reasonable human). As a woman, there’s a fine line between appearing like a witchy witch versus a strong advocate. I always strive to be strong and assertive, but polite, personable, and professional.

What unique advantages or perspectives do you bring to the table as a female business owner?

I consider myself a pretty intuitive, self-aware human being. That awareness has helped me immensely in dealing with clients addressing tough issues or in gauging opposing counsel.

Share the love: tell us about any of your favorite companies out there run by badass women that we all should know about!

Studio Elevate (IG: @studio_elevate_la) is a kick-ass pilates studio owned by Leah Polcyn. I’ve been taking her classes for years and she has collected a great group of instructors. She’s also focused on making her studio as sustainable as possible. For example, instead of using Clorox wipes to clean machines after each class, she asks students to use a cloth towel and environmentally-friendly disinfectant spray.

Apothenne Candles (IG: @apothennelosangeles) makes these incredible candles. I have to restrict how many I am allowed to buy!

The Riveter (IG: @theriveterco) is an incredible co-work space cultivating engaging, educational events, started by a woman (and an attorney!) 

Wylder Goods (IG: @wyldergoods) founded by women, curates eco-friendly goods and stories.

Brianna Madia (IG: @briannamadia) is an inspiring writer, creating her own path and helping normalize alternative life choices.

Abbi & Callen Hearne (IG: @thehearnes) are a husband-wife photographer duo, but Abbi is the principal photographer. She captures incredible elopement and engagement shots in stunning outdoor scenes. She advocates for Leave No Trace and really inspires thoughtful adventuring.


Jennifer Millier of women-owned business Millier Law

You can follow Jennifer’s journey and hire a compassionate and whip-smart attorney in California here:
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