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Squarespace, Shopify, and WordPress Web Design to Knock all the Socks Off

Your website is one of your greatest sales and conversion tools, and almost always your first impression – so dialing it in is not an option.

Our website design services blend together the actionable, compelling content from the copywriting stage, the impactful visual identity our designers have created, and the thoughtful and intentional bones of the architectect, and then artfully weave it all together with some major pieces of technical and visual flair to turn a blank canvas into a work of digital art. All with the final goal of setting you up with a stunning website to turn potential customers into loyal fans.

In other words: we’ll get your website done right (and beautifully) the first time, so you can get on with – say it with us – world domination.

As part of the Flauk Signature package, you will receive the following:
  • A 5-page, action-packed, compelling website
  • Theme installation and full customization to your Flauk Brand Bible’s specs
  • Customized web architecture with a focus on User Experience design
  • Content insertion and design
  • Training on your CMS platform
We build E-commerce Websites too!
We create websites that show off your products’ good side on the Shopify and Squarespace platforms (dealer’s choice!). This is available as an Add-On to our Fresh Signature Package for only $1000 more
With our E-Commerce Add-On, you will also receive:
  • A customized shop home page better than a Barney’s store window
  • A template for your product pages, and brilliant copywriting and data input of all the details for up to 5 products
  • A layout, calls to action, copy, and architecture designed to convert, upsell, and keep them coming back for more
  • Complete configuration of your shopping cart, payment gateway, shipping, sales tax, and customer emails
Tell me more about the flauk packages

Because we believe in the essential nature of each part our Flauk process (marketing, branding, copywriting) to a successful website, we do not take web design clients on à la carte, but we can create custom packages that include web design – just ask!

% of a user’s judgment about your business’s credibility is based on your website’s design
$ return for every $1 invested in your website’s user experience
% of US e-commerce revenue that happens on mobile devices

Your Web Designer: Stephanie Goldfinger

Work with Stephanie, our co-founder and director of all things digital here at Flauk

Stephanie is Flauk’s head website tinkerer, social strategist, and digital puzzle builder. She’s devoted to transforming all of your company’s offline missions, goals and dreams into solid gold out in the vast webiverse. With over 15 years creating meaningful website experiences, social content and strategy for early stage companies (including for 5 ventures of her own), Stephanie is an expert at navigating the Big Bad World of Getting Your Business Humming Along Online and Poised for World Domination. (This was her alternative title, but it didn’t fit on a business card.)

Stephanie has worked with clients to build a digital presence in every field imaginable, from fashion e-commerce houses to food blogging to the techie-est of disruptive tech start-ups to long haul truckers… and an eerily accurate palm-reading mystic who, yup, told Stephanie we’d be working together. With the help of the multi-talented Flauk Team, Stephanie will orchestrate the construction of your online empire with a combination of stunning images and graphics, impactful calls to action, and sexy lines of HTML code.

To read more about Stephanie, head here for her full bio

When Stephanie did a much-need “facelift” on my blog, she hit it out of the park! I had an idea of what I wanted and somehow she was able to translate my vision to a dynamic, clean interface after only a couple of conversations. Stephanie is easy to work with because she gets it; she understands the importance of graphics in telling a story, and she knows navigation has to be seamless for any blog/site. Best of all, she was easy to communicate with and was there to answer any questions I had during the process.
Taji Marie
Trust Ur Gut
Stephanie provided invaluable service designing the website for my business, followed by a groovy refresh a few years later. She makes the potentially daunting and time-consuming process of designing a site fun and efficient!
Alison Ashton
Content Kitchen

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Featured Web Design Work

If this Flauk Website isn’t enough of a sell, here’s some projects from the past.
Warning: most of the following will make you hungry.

Trust Ur Gut

A facelift of a WordPress Blog, changing it from an outdated design and discombobulated content and page organization to a focused, clean, and content-driven blog poised for growth, sponsored content, ad revenue, and compelling storytelling.

Cooking for Luv

A business/blog hybrid WordPress site designed to both sell services and showcase recipes.

Spoiler: It’s Stephanie’s alternate life.

Boro Beverage

A Squarespace website built to showcase the wonders of fermentation, spread the word about the brand’s products and events, and to sell subscription based boxes.

Papa Bears Nut Butters

A personality uniquely his own, Papa Bear’s nut butter empire began with a Shopify website to meet the overwhelming demand to ship his products across the country.


This Shopify website was built to both educate consumers on WTFlauk this completely new and innovative product was, as well as sell the brand values and the product itself.

Content Kitchen

A WordPress website for a service based business, showcasing the power of content writing as well as the beauty of her food photography and recipe development.

Wordpress Facelift

This WordPress website was designed to be simple, clear, and sell the service of giving quick and easy facelifts to WordPress food blogs

The Boho Beet

A simple WordPress blog design to serve as a storytelling platform for a digital nomad. See if you can spot the easter egg.

work with stephanie