Meet the Flauk

We are Alicia, Andrea, Dee, Lisa, Natalie, and Stephanie.

Between our respective fields of expertise (44 years in total, in case you were wondering), we all uphold the importance of balance, happiness, and the time and space to enjoy the life you (and we) are creating.

That is our foundation. Our ethos. Our battle cry.

Stephanie Goldfinger

CEO + CCO / Director of Digital Alchemy

Stephanie is Flauk’s head big picture thinker, website tinkerer, social strategist, and digital puzzle builder. She’s devoted to transforming all of your company’s offline missions, goals and dreams into solid gold out in the vast webiverse. With over 15 years creating meaningful website experiences, social content and strategy for early stage companies (including for 5 ventures of her own), Stephanie is an expert at navigating the Big Bad World of Getting Your Business Humming Along Online and Poised for World Domination. (This was her alternative title, but it didn’t fit on a business card.)

Stephanie has worked with clients to build a digital presence in every field you can imagine, from fashion e-commerce houses to food blogging and artisanry to the techie-est of disruptive tech start-ups to innovative sleepless long haul truckers… and an eerily accurate palm-reading mystic who, yup, told Stephanie we’d be working together. With the help of the multi-talented Flauk Team, Stephanie will orchestrate the construction of your online empire with a combination of stunning images and graphics, impactful calls to action, clever Instagram emoji strings, targeted hashtag groups, and sexy lines of HTML code.

When not behind a laptop screen, you’ll find Stephanie in kitchens around the world (we have a thing for global kitchens) in her alternate identity as a chef and food-stylist. You’ll also find her blogging about her adventures, getting lost behind a camera lens, and pretending to be April Ross on any patch of sand she can find, all while toting her Ewok-doppleganger dog Bug along for the ride.

A long time Venice Beach California resident, Stephanie is currently recovering from perfect-352-days-per-year weather in North Carolina, where she spends a lot of time thinking about how to craft the perfect sandwich.

Lisa Val Verde

COO + CMO / Master of Rhyme and Reason

Lisa is Flauk’s chief #ladyboss of marketing strategy, head conductor of optimizing business operations, and lead positivity guru. She brings her experience as a global marketing pro to craft the fine details of how Flauk operates and presents itself to the big wide world, and somehow manages to always bring along her infectious rah-rah energy and human-pyramid building skills from her previous life as a former Division 1 cheerleader (yeah, she’s basically a unicorn!).

Lisa’s 10-year background in marketing includes (literally) everything under the sun from concept to launch, and market development. She’s also olympic-level great at getting shit done, but also possesses the art of making it look easy (yup, that unicorn thing again). Since she’s an engineer at heart, she loves to problem solve, improve what she can, and find new and innovative ways of doing things. In the world of business she is constantly challenging status quo and pushing the limits of possibility. She’s equally passionate about improving the world around her through her superhero alter-ego work in the healthcare industry (by day) and supporting Flauk’s fellow female entrepreneurs in building their own happy businesses (by night). She believes behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back, and that this is the true magic of what we do at Flauk!

Lisa is a California native (and a Mexican-American who arguably makes the best guac on the team) but is living the dream working abroad in Singapore (Crazy Rich Asians, anyone?). She’s an avid traveller and thrives on connecting with the people around her in every country she lays her jet-lagged head. She believes that you can learn so much from the world around you so just keep your eyes, ears, and heart open and watch the inspiration flow.

Alicia Ward

Digital Marketing Strategist / Token Canadian

Alicia is Flauk’s Digital Marketing Strategist. A self-proclaimed math nerd, she landed her first big girl job while still in university, as a Junior Market Research Analyst for Goldfarb Intelligence Marketing. Responsible for analyzing thousands of pages worth of data and translating them into practical terms for clients, Alicia got to explore her love for numbers and statistics, and saw how marketing allowed her to express that love creatively.

After graduating, she relocated to Canada’s capital, where she’s had roles at a digital agency, with clients ranging from grocery stores to tire companies to an adult toy retailer; in the SaaS (software as a service) world as an in-house Digital Marketing Growth Specialist for a project management software for interior design professionals, and at two B2B tech companies. She’s focused on acquiring new trials through building online communities (primarily via closed Facebook groups), developing a partner strategy (affiliates, educators, cross-promotions), content marketing/automation, and generating buzz via social media and press campaigns for new product/feature launches, as well as building campaigns to support new product launches, introducing marketing automation techniques, and lead generation.

In her spare time, Alicia loves traveling with her husband, hanging out with her family and her cat, eating lots of carbs, and watching true crime series.

Andrea Kalan

Digital Marketing Magician / Project Management Superstar

Andrea was once told at a networking event by an older man that she was too nice to work in advertising. Ha, F(lauk) that! Today’s best marketing is not done by loud, fast talking ad men, but by thoughtful human beings (many women) asking the right questions – creative problem solvers and nerdy data analysts. It’s the difference of being pitched a story versus walking through an action plan created just for you by someone who have carefully listened to your goals, dreams, and challenges.

As someone who grew up believing you had to choose between being a thinker or an artist, Andrea counts her lucky stars on the regular to have found her career in the world digital marketing where she uses her analytical skills and creative talents (thanks art school!) to help women realize their business dreams. She is a boss organizer and to-do list maker, and loves translating messy info into simple, strategic action plans. Not only will Andrea hold your virtual hand through your work together, her calming presence will reduce your marketing stress and make the process actually enjoyable (gasp!).

Andrea has lived in snowy Michigan, mountainous Colorado, and now resides beachside in sunny Florida. Still a nice midwest girl at heart, now with some travel experience and a blended accent. Andrea loves to cook (the only time she allows herself to make a mess), and is a introverted lover of sad songs, cats with their own Instagram accounts, and mid century modern design. She met her husband on an online dating site so she’s definitely a true believer in computer algorithms!

Dee Liang

Design Warrior / Dance Break Coordinator

Dee’s key to impressive design work is a system where details and storytelling are the MVPs. Her creative process stems from knowledge and inspiration culled from around the world as a well-traveled gal, merged with a background in marketing, PR, and copywriting. She thinks a few cups of coffee helps too.

Dee’s content creation started in her college days, where she embraced the growing age of social media and served as the go-to gal for Instagram captions. Her aspirations to join the marketing field took her to working with multiple startups, eventually directing a luxury boutique hostel and hotel and landing PR and accolades. While designing collateral and social graphics, she saw the significance in branding, and there was no turning back from there. The intersection of those industries yield the cohesiveness in the work that Dee does.

A self-proclaimed brand freak and design geek, Dee is a sucker for good packaging and beautiful type. She values precision, consistency, and the “wow” factor (seems like years of competitive dance rubbed off). When not obsessing over color palettes and moodboards, Dee’s usually professionally cheerleading for the NFL (yes, for real) or making some form of guacamole or pasta. Dee is a Colorado girl, hailing from the Mile High City which breeds sunshine and nice people – a couple of her favorite things.

Natalie Karneef

Chief Executive Copywriter / Other Token Canadian

At Flauk, we still believe in good writing. Call us old-fashioned, but we have a thing for being grammatically correct. We believe in content that tells a story people don’t want to stop reading, and in simple but powerful words that grab, engage, and don’t overwhelm.

Natalie has been writing that kind of content for 15 years, for clients ranging from ALDO to Alibaba to Just for Laughs. A former print and broadcast journalist and television writer, she ditched the cubicle life in 2014 and spent two and a half years working and volunteering in Uganda, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand and other places as far away from the cold as possible.

Natalie’s work has been seen on the History and Discovery networks, and read in enRoute Magazine, The Rumpus, The National Post, The Montreal Gazette,The Huffington Post and Lonely Planet. She’s an award-winning scriptwriter, and coaches writers and aspiring writers of all ages. She also hosts and produces A Single Thing podcast, which is available on iTunes and Spreaker.

When she’s not writing, Natalie is usually either swimming, practicing or teaching meditation; or, if country-appropriate, riding a scooter to a beach, night market or Indiana Jones-worthy site. She’s currently wearing 6 sweaters in her hometown of Ottawa, enjoying spending time with her family and oldest friends.

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