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Instagram is a community built on the power of visual storytelling. When it comes to bringing customers on board to food, beverage, and hospitality brands, Instagram is more powerful than any other platform with an average 3.21% engagement rate (compared to 1.5% across all social networks). And with the introduction of Instagram Stories, potential customers now get a “behind the scenes” view at your brand, which furthers your reach of influence even more.

Flauk’s custom Instagram playbook will provide you with over 50 pages of customized instructions on how to grow your account in a steady, organic, authentic way.

And while this strategy will help you get more Instagram followers, it will also coach you in maintaining a strong, authentic, and cohesive brand voice that will allow worldwide brand recognition, entice new targeted customers to turn into paying customers, and maintain the loyalty of current clients.

What you get:
  • A complete, no BS, How To Use Instagram guide, including the do’s, the don’ts, and why you should even bother!
  • A customized, 6-day-per-week themed posting strategy
  • A customized hashtag starter list
  • A Stories starter guide
  • A toolbox of design, growth, and management programs
  • A quick-start guide to growth hacking and influencer marketing
  • A primer on Insta community engagement
  • An exercise for focusing your content
  • A strategy for turning your current clients into brand ambassadors
  • A 1-hour training session for the staff members responsible for the execution of the plan

When implemented as recommended, you will see immediate and steady growth in number of followers, a targeted path towards new press, new clients, and (let’s not forget) world domination!

The Instagram Playbook is available as a popular add-on to our Flauk Signature packages, and is also available à la carte.
Your Investment: $1000
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Your Instaguru: Stephanie Goldfinger

Work with Stephanie, the Instagram Sherlock to your Watson

When Stephanie was building her cooking company in 2011, Instagram was just getting hot and heavy. She quickly saw how #foodporn images could drive a tremendous amount of traffic to her site – which often turned to paying clients – and how how the platform helped create a strong, positive, community of fans across the globe.

Within two years, Stephanie was featured by Instagram itself as one of the Top 25 vegetarian accounts to follow. This gave her following a massive boost, and in the years since, Instagram has become the single most important platform for her business – a platform she has spent countless hours mastering. From algorithm changes to targeted hashtag groups, Stephanie helps budding entrepreneurs and small business owners make sense of Instagram strategy in an accessible, non-overwhelming way. Through her and her clients’ experiences over the years, she has developed tried and true methods and a comprehensive, definitive guide to getting started on Instagram, growing an account, battling the inevitable hurdles and conquering the Instaverse, with an eye on driving quality traffic and converting fans to paying clients.

Getting deja-vu? Yup, Stephanie is our co-founder, web designer and photographer. Read her full bio here!

Launching my business’ Instagram account felt like an unachievable task - I didn’t know where to start, let alone what to say. Stephanie came to the rescue with her custom developed Instagram playbook for my new brand, which included strategic approaches to gain followers and create engagement, and a weekly calendar with content examples to help get my creative juices flowing. Not sure I could’ve done it without Stephanie’s help, she’s an Insta genius!
Melissa Cricks

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