Working from home means you get to create the the perfect environment to keep you inspired, motivated, and hustling. These cuties are waaaaaaay better than the boring stuff you stole from the supply room at your old corporate job. 

1. Office Elephant

This multi-functional office elephant will become your mascot as he willfully holds your phone, your pens, and your paper clips. He’s so handy and helpful I’m ready to break up with my boyfriend and run away with him.

Cute Office Supplies Elephant Holder

2. Animal Paper Clips

We LOVE paper clips that add an extra bit of personality to otherwise tedious work. Did we mention we also love animals? If our love for Mr. Helpful Elephant above didn’t convince you, maybe these cuties will.

Cute office supplies animal paperclips

3. The Seven Year Pen

Do yourself the biggest favor already and buy a seven year pen. They are smooth as butter and last forever (ok, maybe only seven years, but that’s longer than my goldfish). Plus, they come in a wide variety of adorable designs and colors.

Cute office supplies seven year pen

4. The Day Designer Planner

Staying organized is the new sexy, and this planner gives you both. The layout keeps you focused and inspired while the design will have you turning heads (even if it’s just your cat’s head as you walk by her on your commute from the kitchen).

Cute office supplies day designer

5. Cactus Mug

Reach for another cup of joe and keep working as you sip out of this creative cactus mug. Don’t worry, the spikes don’t stick.

Cute Working From Home Cactus Mug

6. Desk Nameplate

You might work from home but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a nameplate to tell others (including your kids) who’s in charge. Find one that fits your true job title here. Our favorite is Nasty Woman, but that’s just us.

Working From Home Nameplate Nasty Woman



Sarah Moe

C0-Founder / Chief Happiness Officer

A recovering lawyer and trained happiness in the workplace coach, Sarah is Flauk’s resident business ma’am and money strategist.

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