This holiday gift guide is full of fun, unique gifts that support small business entrepreneurs like yourself. There are tons of great gift ideas for those who love cooking, fashion, self-care and more. Enjoy!

1. Cooking Gift Set Co. Wood Chip Smoking Grill Gift Set

The Wood Chip Smoking Grill Gift Set by Cooking Gift Set Co. is the perfect gift for your favorite BBQer or creative chef. And Cooking Gift Set Co. is owned and operated by two badass female entrepreneurs who know their way around the kitchen!

holiday gift guide - wood chip smoking grill

2. Cooking Gift Set Co. Mulled Wine Kit

Cooking Gift Set Co.’s Mulled Wine Kit is not only beautifully packaged but makes damn good mulled wine. A great prezzie for your wine-loving friend who needs some extra TLC this holiday season (or needs to drink more wine to handle the holidays). No need to gift wrap – this box is pretty enough to go under the tree as is.

holiday gift guide - brewing mulled wine

3. Urb Apothecary Lips and Cheek Blush Stick

Urb Apothecary’s Lips and Cheek Blush Stick is just the thing of all things for your always-on-the-run friend who needs a lip balm, lip tint, and blush all in one place. All Urb products are handcrafted in Sacramento, California by badass business babe Leyna Allred.

Holiday Gift Guide - Urb Apothecary Lips and Cheek Blush Stick

4. Stass & Co. Body Brush

OMG, this Body Brush by Stass & Co. will make your skin glow so radiantly people will wonder when you had time to hit the Bahamas during winter break. Get one for you and one for a friend who needs to up his/her self-care routine. Bonus: Stass & Co. is a sister-owned company and these ladies are making serious waves in the self-care industry. Extra Bonus: no plastic in the packaging! #YaaaasGreen!

Holiday Gift Guide - Stass & Co. Body Brush

5. Seltzer Goods Colorblock Journals

These Colorblock Journals by Seltzer Goods will brighten any 10-hours-of-darkness winter day, and are perfect for your cheery, organized work buddy. Hot Fact: Seltzer Goods is female-led and has a lineup of quirky ladies making its fun products.

Holiday Gift Guide - Seltzer Goods Colorblock Journals

6. Herb Nerd Teas, Tinctures, and Bitters

Have a tea or tincture-loving friend? Send them some serious love with one of Herb Nerd’s insanely delicious and good-for-you teas, tinctures, or bitters. Our favorite is the Cup of Holiday F*cking Cheer blend: a dusting of holiday spirit without the annoying music. Blog gossip: one of the Flauk used to date the Herb Nerd and get this stuff for free. #GottaPayFullPriceNow

Holiday Gift Guide - Herb Nerd Teas, Tinctures, and Bitters

7. Held Goods Funfetti Mug

Go ahead and pair that tea with a funfetti mug from Held Goods. Perfectly imperfect and hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon by a female superstar, these mugs will invoke an angelic 8-year old birthday while sipping on the dark devil himself.

Holiday Gift Guide - Held Goods Funfetti Mug

8. Bangs High Tops

Bangs’ hip unisex high tops are the it gift for any capsule-closet-neutral-wearing pal who needs to freshen up their winter look with some new kicks. Bangs gives 20% of their net profits to entrepreneurs around the world. Feel free to buy me a pair in every color – size 5.5 please.

Holiday Gift Guide - Bangs Unisex High Tops

9. Cotopaxi Backpacks

Cotopaxi’s beautifully crafted backpacks aren’t just practical and oh-so-stylish, they’re also made from scrap fabric and affordably-priced. The ideal gift for your outdoorsy bud who tries to convince you that waking up at 5am on a Saturday to go on a hike is a great idea (which we all know is NOT true). Plus, Cotopaxi donates 2% of its revenue to alleviate poverty.

Holiday Gift Guide - Cotopaxi Backpacks Socially Conscious

10. Richer Poorer x Sheer Socks

Give Granny some competition this year in the sock-gifting game with these uber cute Richer Poorer x collab sheer socks. Richer Poorer makes fun socks for the whole family, and is run by kickass folks we used to hang with when we walked the streets of LA once upon a day.

Holiday Gift Guide - Richer Poorer x Sheer Socks

11. iFund Women Gifts

Finally, head on over to iFundWomen to find some rad gift ideas and support a female entrepreneur who is working her tushy off to make her dreams come true! #YesSheCan


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