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I wasn’t prepared to have such a talented group of women to work with just come together so easily. I feel like I got hired to play Bosley in a Charlie’s Angel remake. I feel honored to be working with all of you.

Wey Scoggin, E-Commerce Entrepreneur

I turn to Natalie's expertise in writing when it comes to pitching story ideas and new show concepts to major TV networks and production companies. A talented writer, who makes people's vision come alive with words!
Natasha Gargiulo
Reporter (ET Canada), Host (Virgin Radio)
As an entrepreneur, I have a swirl of ideas that I bring to Natalie. Her brilliance is mapping out what needs to be shared and in what order. What I appreciate most is the way she shapes my message to make it much more engaging and conversational, so that my readers can identify with what I want to share. I used to spend hours over an article and Natalie has helped to streamline the process.. I absolutely love working with her!
Johanna Lynn
Alicia had a knack for finding the right marketing opportunities and partnerships that could really help us promote our business and grow. She’s the type of person who likes to dive right into a challenge with creative approaches to problem solving and she understands the numbers. She’s the type of marketer you’d want in your corner.
Sarah Daniele
Mydoma Inc.
When Stephanie did a much-need “facelift” on my blog, she hit it out of the park! I had an idea of what I wanted and somehow she was able to translate my vision to a dynamic, clean interface after only a couple of conversations.
Tajie Marie
Trust Ur Gut
Launching my business’ Instagram account felt like an unachievable task - I didn’t know where to start, let alone what to say. Stephanie came to the rescue with her custom developed Instagram playbook for my new brand, which included strategic approaches to gain followers and create engagement, and a weekly calendar with content examples to help get my creative juices flowing. Not sure I could’ve done it without Stephanie’s help, she’s an Insta genius!
Melissa Cricks
Stephanie provided invaluable service designing the website for my business, followed by a groovy refresh a few years later. She makes the potentially daunting and time-consuming process of designing a site fun and efficient!
Alison Ashton
Content Kitchen
I have put in a solid three months of part time hard work, and I now enjoy the benefits of a full time pay while only having to work 1 hour per week.
Wey Scoggin
Amazon Entrepreneur
Stephanie rocked our photoshoot with a combo of natural lifestyle shots for our apparel and nut butter jars and sleek clean product shots for our website. She captured the fun spirit of the brand and somehow made our early-production jars look way better than they did in person. She always went above and beyond, brainstormed really creative shots, and she's just rad to work with. Not only that, but she helped create our website, figure out Instagram, and took a bunch of awesome social media shots along the way! She officially has a lifetime supply of Churro Butter with her name on it after all she did for us!
Mike Kelly
Papa Bear's Nut Butter
Dee was so easy to work with, and so responsive. She gave me - a non-visual person - such a great experience choosing colours, themes and a vision for my logo. I can’t wait to work with her again!
Natalie Karneef
A Single Thing Podcast

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