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Getting You Where You Want to Be

Whether you have no experience running a business or are a serial entrepreneur who just wants more time, our business coaching will help you create manageable goals and keep you focused.

With our Flauk Signature Packages you will receive 6 one-hour coaching sessions, which include:
  • Goal Setting and Game Planning

    We’ll determine your goals and create a strategic, win-win plan to get you there.

  • Action Items

    Keeping you on track and focused with detailed action items assigned and reviewed at every meeting.

  • Accountability and Motivation

    You’ll receive a ton of follow-up and support to keep you accountable and motivated.

  • Productivity Tips and New Habits

    We’ll get you introducing simple and effective practices into your daily life so you can get more done and be happier.

  • Creative Ideas

    Momentum from all of the above blooms lots of innovation! We’ll help you grow your business with new ideas for products, services, and/or partnerships.

  • Resources, Resources!

    You’ll have access to all of our accumulated knowledge and experiences as business owners – from must-read books to meditations to a community of other business owners. If we know it, you will too.

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Coaching À La Carte Services

Here are the coaching services we offer à la carte:

Whether you’ve got a seed of an idea or a fully launched enterprise, our coaching services work hand in hand with you, starting from where you are right now and getting you to where you need to be. All coaching is offered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Business Coaching

Are you bursting with great ideas, but low on self-confidence? Wish you had more motivation, organization, or focus? Studies have shown that investing in business coaching provides an average return of almost 600%. Let’s get you on track, keep you accountable, and have you vibrating with the kind of “I can” energy you never knew you had.

Happiness in the Workplace Coaching

Studies have shown that workplace happiness raises sales by 37%, and that happy employees are up to 50% more productive than unhappy ones. (Psst: even if you work solo, you’re your own employee.) Learn the practical steps you can take to improve your happiness levels, and/or create an intentionally an happy workplace – which is just as important to a thriving business as it is to one that’s just starting out.

Money Coaching

Do you dream of a fat bank account but feel guilty admitting it? Wish you had healthy spending habits, but don’t know where to start? A solid relationship with money is a crucial foundation for a thriving business – and, contrary to popular belief – to happiness.

Amazon Coaching

Want to make money in your sleep, but don’t have the know-how to source products and navigate the ever-changing jungle that is Amazon? With Amazon coaching, you’ve got a seasoned guide with secret maps and night vision goggles to lead you to success.

All Coaching services are billed at  $200/hour. Custom packages available upon request.

Current Workshops and Trainings

Happiness in the Workplace

Happy employees are more engaged, have lower absenteeism, are more creative, have a higher retention rate… you get the picture, right? Your business will be more profitable if you and your employees are happy.

But what is happiness in the workplace? (Here’s a tip: it’s not free lunches.)

During our workshops and trainings we dive deep into the research and studies behind why happiness matters (especially at work), common misconceptions about happiness in the workplace (cough, cough – free lunches) and why they don’t work, and what happiness in the workplace looks like in practical terms. We’ll get you and your team set up with a plan to incorporate these practices in your business and follow up to keep you motivated, and, well, happy.

Half Day (in person): Starts at $500

Full Day (in person): Starts at $700

Hour long (for remote and small businesses): Starts at $200

# of hours we spend at work over our lifetimes
% more energy happy employees have than unhappy ones
times more sick days taken by unhappy employees than happy ones

Your Coach: Sarah Moe

Work with Sarah Moe, our Co-Founder and Director of Getting Shit Done to define, refine, or grow your business with happiness and freedom

Sarah specializes in defining your business’s goals, helping you sticking to a plan to make those goals happen, and showing you how to save bucks while you do it – in less time, with less stress and less second-guessing. Plus, as a lawyer (officially voted one of California’s Top 10), she knows her tax and legalese inside out.

Sarah is also trained in workplace happiness, which is key to maintaining enthusiasm, staying dedicated, happy employees, greater productivity and profits and, ultimately, loving being at work! She’s been working abroad since well before digital nomading was a thing, and has spent 5 years being a location independent entrepreneur.

Get Sarah’s full bio and hear more about her story here!

Sarah helped me believe I have a unique voice and get over the hurdle of having always felt that I wasn't intelligent enough to share it with the world. I feel a sense of calm and ease within myself as a business owner. I know that I have the capacity to keep striving.
Rebecca Jakstas
Stass & Co.
I have put a solid three months of part time hard work, and I now enjoy the benefits of a full time pay while only having to work 1 hour per week.
Wey Scoggin
Amazon Entreprenuer

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