Don’t even think about building your business without this workbook.

Almost every person we meet who is starting a company skips the most essential steps necessary to ensure long-term success: clearly defining the answers to the questions that will shape your business and drive every decision along the way. Previously only available to our package clients, our Brand Identity Workbook takes you through every critical step of creating the foundation for launching a successful (and happy!) company.

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Why You Need It

 You wouldn’t build a house on a shaky foundation, and you shouldn’t build your business without one either. This easy to follow, printable workbook will save you countless hours, dollars, and headaches down the road by giving you all the tools you need to get hyper-clear and focused on your company’s true purpose, define what your real and measurable goals are, and discover who really is your ideal client.

This workbook is created for:
  • Soloprenuers
  • Partnerships
  • Teams
  • New Businessess
  • Start-Ups
  • Pivoting Companies
  • Go-Getters
  • Hustlers
  • Goal-Diggers

What's Inside

Over 40 easy to follow pages of brainstorming exercises, guides, worksheets, and beautiful posters for your workspace that will get you feeling clear and confident on what’s ahead for your company. Over the course of your self-guided workbook, you will:

Build Your 5-Year Strategic Plan

Dare to put pen to paper and dream about where your company could be in the next 5 years. Sky’s the limit!

Discover Your Why

Drill down to the essence of what you do, how you do it, and most importantly: the driving why behind your brand.

Develop Your Customer Personas

Once you’ve articulated why you’re doing what you’re doing, you’ll decide who you’re doing it all for.

Define Your Values

Dig into the qualities that you hold near and dear, and the values that you want to define your brand image.

Build Your Brand Personality

Explore who you are in relation to other brands to determine the key components of your brand’s personality.

Create Two Posters 

Taking everything you’ve learned from your brainstorming exercises, you’ll create two inspiring posters for your workspace.

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What you'll gain

Clarity of your brand's vision and purpose

By exploring the most essential questions about why you’re in business, who you’re serving, and how you’re going to grow, you will gain an ultra clear and focused path forward.

Confidence in knowing your brand's customers and path

With clarity comes confidence, and this workbook is all about empowering you with both. When your workbook is complete you will be bubbling over with swagger, and the confidence to make decisions with conviction.

A strong foundation for success and growth

With knowledge comes power. You will walk away from this workbook with a rock-solid foundation that will drive and shape every decision you make about your business moving forward.

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When running my business I know that my ability to confidently and consistently make key decisions is essential. As a solo-prenuer, I can get in my own way, either second-guessing a strategy or getting caught up in too many choices or ideas but there’s also an ongoing urgency, and I want to charge ahead. What is awesome about the Flauk Brand Identity Workbook is that I ended up having a set of guiding principles and great awareness about what is most meaningful and essential about my business, about my clients, and about what I offer them. This tool helped me get clear and specific about who I am ultimately targeting and WHY, and then how my business is distinctly equipped to serve them like no other. The result is a guide in how I interact with my clients and partners, how I describe and market the business, and how I choose and execute on day-to-day or week-to-week priorities. When everything seems important, then nothing is important and this workbook helped me get incredibly intentional about how and where I invest my time and energy to get the greatest results.

David M. / Founder, Thrival Concepts

THANK YOU FLAUK! I skipped building my foundation last year when I started my business and have been scrambling and overwhelmed ever since. Taking a step back and focusing on the big picture with this workbook, I feel like I have a renewed excitement and confidence to create my brand the way it has always looked inside my head.

Wey Scoggin / Owne, Giggling Grandma Games
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If you don't feel more confident in your business and clear on your purpose and path, we'll refund your money - no questions asked.

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“You read a book from beginning to end. You run a business the opposite way. You start with the end, and then you do everything you must to reach it.”

Harold S. Geneen, president of ITT Corporation


How do i complete the workbook once I receive the file?

You will receive a printable PDF file, and This workbook is meant to be printed and filled out by hand. Many studies have shown that you are 100x more likely to commit to goals when using actual pen to paper over digital completion (to our fellow green friends… Mother Nature will forgive you and your business will thank you). The two posters you will create can be completed by hand, or there are instructions in the workbook for designing them digitally in Canva, Office, or Adobe.

How long does the workbook take to complete?

We recommend blocking out a total of 4 hours to complete the workbook, and if you can do it in one half-day distraction-free session we believe you’ll get the best results. Keep in mind, everyone works at their own pace so it could take you more or less time depending on how detailed you like to get and how many participants you have involved in the exercise.

I already launched my business. Will this workbook still help me?

If you put the cart before the horse and launched without defining your mission, values, vision, purpose, and measures, and are still figuring out who your audience is, you will definitely benefit from taking a step back and exploring these topics inside the workbook.

I'm just beginning to think about starting a business. Is this workbook right for me?

You are here at the PERFECT moment.