What We Believe

We believe that everyone was born with a gift that’s unique to them, and to no one else but them. We’ll help you harness that gift, and build a business based on the Flauk Holy Trinity



It’s Goal #1 of being alive, so it should be the same when it comes to your business. AND studies show that happiness in the workplace raises sales by 37%. We’ll help you achieve that win-win.



Part of the reason we want to be self-employed is for the freedom it provides us, but that freedom so often gets lost in the whirlwind of the grind. We’ll make sure it remains a priority as you grow your business.



We’ll connect you to your people: the ones creating their own rules, just like you. The more of them you have in your life to support and inspire you, the higher your chances of success.

Why The Name Flauk?

Flauk = Flock

Together, we can do more and go further – like a flock of birds.

We’re here to be your flying V. We’ll push you to new heights. We’ll cheer you on to keep flapping your wings when you’re tired or unsure. And when you need a break, we’ll take over.

Au = Gold

For centuries, humans searched for a way to turn matter into gold, which ancient alchemists considered the highest form of matter.

That’s also what happens when you’re doing what you were put here to do – that thing that nourishes you and lights the fire under your ass.

Gold = Magic

Gold was created when the universe was being formed and stars collided. Many theories uphold that we are made of stardust. In other words, this gold – this spark – is in all of us.

We love the idea that we all have this stardust within, just waiting for us to realize it and turn it into a reality.

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